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8. 10. 2011


zzz.gifwhy is there a candycane amongst so many cakes? oh i dunno, :P you're just too critical really. anyhow, ain't it cute? bigger than most things i draw.the little box that my Blueberry Tart came in ^_^a white cake with strawberry frosting, adorned with marzipan berry fluffs, liquered strawberries, sugary sweethearts along the border, and a meringue berry cream topping. Give it to your valentine this year!a white cake with strawberry frosting, adorned with candied raspberries and sprigs of mint, lined with bittersweet chocolate morsels.a white cake with strawberry frosting, strawberry yogurt, and garnished with strawberries~!a new base!! >>white cake with strawberry frostinga base for making the cake of your dreamsa yummy cream pie~ simple and sweetPeach Cobbler!!! with sweet cowsmilk cream and extra peach juice~~Mixed Berry Tart!!! sorta like the one at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, but not nearly as scrumptious....... *sigh*key lime pie! starchy tart goodness with some super heavy duty whipped cream. YUM! larry's has the best tartlets.glazed strawberry creme tart~~~ YUM!!though I prefer mango lassi's, the traditional lassi is enjoyed by many people who like the taste of plain yogurt.mango lassi's are soooooooooooooooooooo good! one of my most favorite drinks ever.^_^ ocha~~~~ in a nice, hand-contouring cup shape! (much like the one i have)nezucha~ 8>inucha~ ^__^ ~sarucha!toricha~zoucha~~~nekocha~ ^__^ ~bunny cup!!! so kawaii **^_^**a little cupcake~ chocolate icinga little cupcake~ vanilla icinga little cupcake~ blue icinga little cupcake~ strawberry icing
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(misulqa, 8. 2. 2012 16:18)


1-zlaté posledné nemajú chyby :D

(Adi, 12. 1. 2012 16:28)

Jeeej sú prekrásne

(*LesLey*, 9. 10. 2011 16:25)


(Smiley, 8. 10. 2011 11:20)

jake zlatéé :)

(Faint, 8. 10. 2011 11:18)

božže krásne..:)

(Pauli, 8. 10. 2011 9:57)

hlavne to hovienko :DDDD